New developed electronic-boards for Frech®-diecasting-machines with 2 years of warranty

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Function board card FP »Funktionsplatine« features the following advantages:

  • Compatible with FP-1 and FP-2 (Frech part number: 8.829.003 and 65466)
  • Safety in the event of a short circuit in the solenoid valve or in the supply line due to built-in electronic current limitation and automatic switch-off.
  • Storing the error until the machine is switched off.
  • Output / switch display by yellow LEDs (LED).
  • Display of overcurrent / short circuit by red LEDs.
  • Low heat development; even at high temperatures easily.
  • Many times proven in practice, also for troubleshooting.
  • Price: On request.
  • Download:Operating manual as a pdf-file

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Digital power supply board DVP »DigitaleVersorgungsPlatine« features the following advantages:

  • Compatible replacement for old boards VP-1, VP-2, DVP-1, DVP-2 and DVP-2.1 (Frech part number: 8.829.048 and 184481)
  • Safety against short-circuits with restrict current and automatic switch-off.
  • High efficiency; no problems with high temperatures.
  • Function-indication by green LED, error display by red LED.
  • New: Function-indication of output 25 (reset), 26 (10Hz) and 27 (1Hz) by yellow LEDs.
  • New: Improved protection against high voltage inputs.
  • Download:Operating manual as a pdf-file
  • Price: On request.

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Display and timing board AZP »Anzeige- und ZeitPlatine«

  • Compatible with AZP-1 and AZP-2 (Frech part number: 8.829.055 and 129965)
  • Additional heat sink for safe operation.
  • Price: On request.

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Diodes board DIP »DiodenPlatine«

  • Compatible with DIP-1 (Frech part number: 8.829.006 and 65490)
  • Price: On request.

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Digital timing board card DZP »DigitaleZeitPlatine«

  • Compatible with DZP-1 and DZP-2 (Frech part number: 8.829.069 and 140749)
  • Price: on request.

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Input board EP »EingangsPlatine«

  • Compatible with EP-1 and EP-2 (Frech part number: 8.829.062 and 44008)
  • Price: On request.

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NAND board NP »NANDPlatine«

  • Compatible with NP-1 (Frech part number: 8.829.004 and 65474)
  • Price: On request.

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Speed and timing board VZP »Geschwindigkeits- und ZeitPlatine«

  • Compatible with VZP-1 and VZP-2 (Frech part number: 8.829.056 and 117226)
  • Price: On request.

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Analog timing board ZP »analoge ZeitPlatine«

  • Compatible with ZP-1, ZP-2 and ZP-3 (Frech part number: 8.829.043 and 143826)
  • Output / switch display by yellow LEDs (LED).
  • Price: On request.

For all electronic cards:

  • The plug-in cards comply with the standards EN 50950, EN 60073, CSA 22.2-234 / 950.
  • High-quality, durable construction with modern, modern components.
  • Plug and Play: Simply pull out old card, insert new card, continue to produce and forget.


  • Saves the expensive conversion to new controls.
  • 2 year warranty on new cards: the costs are transparent.
  • Increased reliability of the machines.
  • Reduced downtimes and idle periods.
  • Secure long-term supply of spare parts.
  • These plug-in cards make the proven Frech® die casting machines reliable and economical like never before.
  • Our service: We check and repair your electronic cards and assemblies.
  • You repair yourself? All items available from stock.
  • Much more parts available - please look at Frech Statamat -page 2!
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