For Frech Statamat controls:
More electronic adapter- and testcards are available:

Photo (70k)

  • Indication of all input- and output-levels with green LEDs.
  • Indication of output levels for valves with yellow LEDs.
  • Error detection and debugging becomes substantially simpler and faster.
  • Shorter repairing-times means increased productivity.
  • Application with electronic-cards EP, FP, NP and ZP.
  • Rear side of test-card AP-1 (85k).
  • You need the adapter-card AP-2 for to use the test-card AP-1.

Photo (22k)

  • (Adaptercard AP-2).
  • Extension card for to use the test-card AP-1.
  • High quality. All contacts gilded for extra long life and safe contacting.
  • Rear side of adapter-card AP-2 (16k).

The result:

  • Saves the expensive re-equipment on new controls (e.g. SPC-control).
  • 1 year warranty for test- and adapter-cards.
  • Price per unit AP-1: € (Euro) 145,- without sales taxes.
  • Price per unit AP-2: € (Euro) 120,- without sales taxes.
  • Total price: € (Euro) 260,- without sales taxes.

In stock:

All electronic cards and spare parts for Statamat control: AZP, DIP, DVP, DZP, EP, FP, NP, VZP, ZP, SP-102
Spare parts for all electronic cards.

Photo (22k)

  • Testing and repairing for card SP-102
  • Relay RSL-201 for electronic card

Schusszäler Schusszäler

  • Shot counter, original part for Frech Statamat control.
  • Available with or without mounting frame. Mounting frame einzeln lieferbar.
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